A natural additive for edible oil composition from botanical extracts (selected Rutaceae plants) which contains high antioxidant that reduces oil absorption in food during frying, increase the oil stability after frying which enable to be used multiple times, increase the fried food quality and provide additional health benefits. Being an additive as part of edible oil, the botanical oil serves as cost saving measures for users while providing more health benefits


Botanic Oil Additive capable to contribute to the following benefits:

i. Capable of reducing oil absorption in cooking up to 85% and the oil can be used repeatedly for at least 80 times
ii. Alternative to commercial antioxidant currently are synthetic which are health hazard for long term usage
iii. The oil is rich in antioxidant, has antibacterial properties and antihistamine to enhance crunchiness, taste and quality of fried foods, to prevent damage to the oil whether in cooking or keeping and poses less health risks.
iv. Minimise the risks of getting cardiovascular and cancer.
v. Made from 100% natural ingredients including locally grown Rutaceae plant family.
vi. Further enhancement with other extract additives to increase the benefits of oil.
vii. Different ratio of application based on material of cooking/frying.